Visions of Whimsy Paperweight

Rs. 1,999

Dandelions are magical flowers! They’re associated with warmth, healing, radiance, illumination, growth and transformation. and by now you know that we LOVE dandelions!

Did you know that they’re also Jupiter’s flowers? And that’s why we’re calling this magical orb with dandelion a “Callisto” after Jupiter’s moon.
We present to you to this celestial orb to brighten up your tables and spaces! use it as a paperweight or a table top or window décor next to your succulents. They're sure to put a smile on your face.

Psst! A dandelion in the northwest corner the house is said to bring favorable winds! If you believe in that kind of thing!

Best to buy/ gift for the  following:

  • House warming
  • Recovery and healing
  • Good friendship
  • To brighten up any space
  • An enchanted addition to your balcony garden

Product Specifications:

  • Callisto is approximately 7-8 cm in diameter
  • Comes with a flat base which helps it stand

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