Floral Hues- Aster Bracelet

Rs. 899 Rs. 2,499

There is a beautiful legend about Aster flowers in Greek Mythology.

The Greek Goddess Astraea was very upset to see only a few stars in the dark sky and wept. Her tears fell onto the earth and bloomed into star-shaped Aster flowers. They were named Aster after her, meaning star. Aster has remained a symbol of purity, wisdom and faith since then.

For this Holi, the festival that marks the arrival of Spring and victory of good over evil, we bring to you Aster Bracelets to celebrate the pure and virtuous beginnings. 

We blended our love for flowers with the festive colours of Holi. We pressed these Aster flowers onto a coloured backdrop turning them into elegant bracelets that add floral hues to your jewellery box.

These beautiful bracelets come with golden rim and adjustable chains. The golden hue gives a royal look, while the pure white Aster flower imparts a dainty Victorian touch to the adornment. Making it a perfect fit for any attire.

Grab these limited one-of-a-kind gifts and add the unique colour to your Holi festivities- the colour of pure, innocent love.

Product Specifications:

  • Measurement: Adjustable size, the Flower portion is 2.5 cm in diameter
  • Magic Infusion: Aster flowers
  • Materials: Resin, Pressed flowers, gold rim, golden alloy chain
  • Packaging: Comes in a cotton cloth pouch

Product Care:

Avoid water and harsh weather exposure as it may cause discolouration of the metal alloy. Keep in the cloth pouch in a dry, airy place when not in use.

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